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Sepideh Zarinejad, Ph.D.

Do you accept insurance?
Dr. Zarinejad is a provider for some insurance companies, such as Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Optum and Medicare.  Dr. Zarinejad will work with you to utilize your benefits even if she were not a provider for your particular insurance plan.  She will provide billing to aid in insurance reimbursement as necessary.
What is your approach to treatment? 
Dr. Zarinejad's approach goes beyond the surface to a deeper level of  exploration, with the goal of increasing insight.  Dr. Zarinejad facilitates greater understanding of your unconscious processes and repetitious patterns in your life.  By exploring and realizing how these conflicts and patterns have their roots in your past and childhood, Dr. Zarinejad can help empower you to make healthier choices for the present. 
What Kind of techniques do you use?
Although Dr. Zarinejad uses psychodynamic techniques, during the course of therapy, she is likely to draw on various psychological approaches depending, in part, to the problem that is being treated and her assessment of what will best benefit you.  These approaches include, cognitive behavioral , object relations, existential, system/family, or psycho-educational.

How long does therapy takes?
The duration of Therapy entirely depends on the individual and his or her needs.  No predetermined number of sessions will be assigned.  Some individuals may present with long standing problems that require careful exploration.  others, may need just a few sessions to assist with important decision making.  Generally, therapy is terminated when the goal with which the patient initially came in has been accomplished and she or he feels ready to end treatment.
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